The Smart Baby Monitor for Working Moms - Cubo AI Review

From backing when we first launched on Indiegogo, to receiving Cubo at home, working mom Chelsea writes about her Cubo AI Baby Monitor experience:

Where to begin? How about, WOW! I remember sitting around, counting down the days and waiting for the initial Indiegogo Cubo launch like a kid on Christmas. I’m going to be honest, I was quite hesitant about being without a quality camera from June to September since Riley Jade was my summer baby but I am honestly glad we stuck it out with my lesser quality home cam until Cubo landed in our home. 

Stand for Baby Monitor That Grows With Your Baby | Cubo AI

Stand for Baby Monitor That Grows With Your Baby!

Let me just say that I couldn't be happier with the overall design, quality and customer service behind this sweet little crib cam. It's so easy to call it the Cubo Crib cam, but it is that and so much more! It is an absolute life changer. I love that it grows with my baby and that the baby monitor mount includes a stand for baby monitor. Whether you opt to use the shelf stand, crib stand or floor stand, it’s so easy to switch! How many other smart baby monitors do you know to offer so many versatile options, in just the stand preference? All that’s missing is a baby monitor wall mount!

 Setting Up the Cubo AI Baby Monitor is So Simple and Straightforward | Cubo AI

Setting Up the Cubo AI Baby Monitor is So Simple and Straightforward!

The set up is simple, straightforward and easier than I could have imagined. Just a few steps and this sweet bird begins streaming a live feed to a device near you in as soon as little as five minutes! The alert features available for the Cubo AI baby monitor are award winning. Not only are they customizable to your needs, but I love that this smart baby monitor goes above and beyond in helping this momma feel safe with leaving baby in her nursery overnight or during naps. Personally, being away from home and working 60+ hours a week is difficult but knowing I can tune in to our camera at any given moment to check on our baby girl really makes going back to work that much easier!

 I Never Miss a Special Moment with Cubo AI Smart Baby Monitor

With Cubo AI’s Auto Photo Capture Feature, I Never Miss a Special Moment

One of my absolute favorite features has to be the daily photo captures and video recording updates. They really bring a smile to my face when I'm sitting at work on lunch/break and away from baby girl. I don't have to sit there and play back the 18-hours of saved feed to catch all those special moments, but even if I wanted to that option is always available! Our Cubo AI baby monitor seems to always be one step ahead to send me what they think is share worthy from the day and usually they are spot on.

 The Best Night Vision Baby Monitor Out There | Cubo AI

The Best Night Vision Baby Monitor Out There

Cubo's 1080p HD feed, audio and night vision are absolutely breathtaking. I have never seen a stream so crystal clear that even allows you to zoom in and set danger zone boundaries within the frame. How Cool! Again, the safety features from this cam are top notch! Lastly, and certainly not least when it comes to features that Cubo offers is the nightlight and the temperature and humidity detection. You read that right! It detects those as well! So not only can I ensure the nursery is at an optimal temperature, but I can also make sure we aren't over/under utilizing our humidifier when Riley is feeling under the weather. Those features alone blew my mind as I had not realized it was included in this already feature-packed baby bird. 

Using the Cubo AI Baby Monitor Gives Me Peace of Mind As a Mom | Cubo AI

Using the Cubo AI Baby Monitor Gives Me Peace of Mind As a Mom.

I honestly couldn't thank Cubo enough for putting my mind at ease when it comes to leaving the baby in her nursery for naps and night time sleeping. In addition to being there for her every step of the way as a newborn, I’ll be able to use this baby monitor in the future when she finally begins exploring the world with the Danger Zone feature. This is definitely a quality investment for anyone that has little ones in their home, you won't be disappointed. 


Chelsea M.

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