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Sleep Safety Bundle

Camera AI + Micro Motion Technology

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Supports Your Baby Growing up

0 - 12 months

0 - 12 months
Ensure baby’s safe sleep in crib
Covered-Face Alert
True Cry Detection
Breathing Motion Detection

0 - 24 months

0 - 24 months
Tracking baby's sleep
Cough Detection
Sleep Analytics
Built-In Lullabies

~3 years old

~3 years old
Check in on active baby
Auto-capture Photo
18hr Playback
Danger Zone Detection

~5+ years old

~5+ years old
Keep the whole family close
Two-way Audio
Multiple Cameras
Family Sharing

Covered Face & Roll Over Detection for Peace of Mind

Be there for them when they need you! Our technology alerts you if your baby’s mouth and nose are covered or if they’re stuck when rolling over.

AI Safety Detection

The Pad uses 4 motion sensors to detect baby's movement. Working in tandem with AI, it will alert parents when baby is in the crib but no breathing motion is detected.

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Danger Zone Detection:
Protecting your little one from 0-5 years old!

Cubo Ai's Danger Zone Alert protects your baby beyond the crib and warns you if your little one is entering somewhere they shouldn't be! Use Cubo Ai with the mobile stand to transition from baby monitor to toddler cam.

HD Night Vision:
Always Have the Best View of Baby

No more squinting or fumbling in the dark during late night check ups! Cubo Ai’s 1080p HD Night Vision powered by professional grade security camera lens is designed to display the finest details in day and night with 2x higher sensitivity than standard night vision views.

1080HD/135° Wide angle
No Visible Red Light
Events Replay
Cubo Ai Baby Monitor
Other Monitor

Sleep Monitoring and Soothing

Cubo Ai Moms & Dads Rating
Baby Monitor App | Cubo Ai Sleep Analytics
Baby Monitor with Lullabies | Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor
18HR playback video baby monitor | Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor
Baby Monitor App | Cubo Ai Sleep Analytics
Baby's Sleep Health, Patterns, and Analytics in one Simple Report

Forget adding up your baby’s sleep hours on a manual log. While you do the parenting, we take care of the numbers so that every morning you can see a report with your baby’s sleep health in easy-to-navigate stats from last night.

Automatic Photo Capture:
Your baby's personal photographer

Never miss a “first-time” again with Cubo Ai’s help! Our A.I. can detect if your baby is smiling, crying, or making big moves and automatically snaps a photo for you to keep in your app- first time sitting up and first head lifts included! Organized by age on the Moments Wall , it’s like your baby’s very own digital scrapbook!

Experience Cubo Ai's Always Up-to-Date App

Control and customize camera functions and alert settings to fit your baby’s needs. Scroll through the Moments Wall or peek in at your baby’s live feed any time, day or night.

Never miss a moment with Cubo Ai's 18-hr playback.
Multiple cameras? No problem! Big Family? Cubo Ai can handle that, too.
Top-level security tested and certified by CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association).

More Thoughtful Features

Adaptive Stand that Grows with Your Little One

Crib, Floor and Mobile Stand

files/Shopify-wall-mount-stand.png See Wall Mount Setup Video
files/Shopify-crib-stand_cfc5029e-8be4-4c5d-a380-7b4d59b66f4a.png See Crib Stand Setup Video
files/Shopify-floor-stand.png See Floor Stand Setup Video
files/Shopify-mobile-stand.png See Mobile Stand Setup Video
See Wall Mount Setup Video

Hear From Our Parents

Chelsea, Working Mom

One of my absolute favorite features has to be the daily photo captures and video recording updates. They really bring a smile to my face when I’m sitting at work on lunch/break and away from baby girl.

Greg, First-time Dad

It’s gotten to the point where we’re so spoiled by Cubo Ai! We use it to log diaper changes, talk to her when we’re away, and even use Cubo Ai Moments to see pictures of how she slept last night!

Karen, Mom of Twins

We may not be aware they are awake unless they start making noises, but Cubo Ai captures many videos and pictures of them when they are having fun together after a rest.

Leo, Engineer Dad

Cubo Ai is a really great baby monitor that I would definitely recommend, not only as an engineer, but also a first time dad.

Juan, Dad of One

I love the 1080 HD night vision, I have seen my friend’s nanny cam and they were very meh when lowlight or no light.


How Cubo Ai Started

Cubo Ai’s story began 4 years ago when co-founder Joanna, finally met her first little miracle after 6 rounds of IVF.  When she found her baby’s face accidentally covered by his bib, she could not sleep peacefully for months.

Seeking better baby safety technology, Joanna, together with a pediatrician, A.I. experts, and a team of parents with more than 15 years of scientific and technological experience, co-founded Cubo Ai with a mission to protect babies’ sleep safety world over.

Dr. Yeh



Mom & Co-Founder

Bring Home the Best Protection for Your Little One

In-app Rating 4.4/5 (2,985)

Cubo Ai Cam

All the alerts, safety, and sleep tracking in a tiny package.

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Cubo Ai Sleep Safety Bundle

Add an additional layer of sleep protection for a better peace of mind.

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