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A Parent's Day with CuboAi

Start your day


View live feeds from multiple cameras on the app

Check on Baby's night time sleep report

All of the night's events in one report for you to see in the morning.

9:00 am

Check 18-Hr Playback

Scroll back through Baby’s last 18 hours and see when your little one cried, woke up, or when you came in to visit.

Display past events

See easy-to-access highlights from the past 7 days last night’s events.


Keep your hands free with CuboAi

After lunch

12:30pm Baby wakes up

True Cry Detection

Distinguishes Baby's cries from similar sounds, and alerts you when they truly need you.

Other features parents love

2-Way Audio
Manual Photo/Video Capture
Family Sharing

2-Way Audio

Be with them no matter where you are!

Features you might also need

Video Quality Control
Split Screen

Video Quality Control

Switch video quality for an optimal streaming experience

Danger Zone Detection
Monitor your baby's activities in real-time

In the evening


Prepare Baby's bedtime routine

Plan Baby's week ahead by setting up to 10 lullaby schedules.

Ultimate Plan feature

9:00 PM

Full-Day Sleep Trend

Get the complete picture of Baby’s sleep – day and night.

Ultimate Plan feature

9:30 PM

Moments Wall

Your baby's very own digital scrapbook from day 1 to now, organized for you to look back on every evening.

Sleep time

Get covered-face alert

Sleep time

Get cough detection alert

Sleep time

Get breathing motion alert

Other helpful features

Night Light
HD Night Vision

Built-In Night Light

No more squinting or fumbling in the dark during late-night check ups.

Night Light

Sleep tight

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CuboAi takes your data security seriously

2-Factor Authentication

Additional Security.
You control who logs in.

Enterprise-Level Security

AES-256 bit
Symmetric encryption.

CTIA Cybersecurity Certified

TLS/SSL Encrypted
No 3rd party can intercept.

Who's Online & Connection History

See who’s online and monitor app connection activity, anytime

See how we protect your personal data.

We use enterprise-level security.

That means all videos & photos are encrypted & stored in the Cloud (AWS & Google) and your data is secured with top of the line bank level security, only accessible via your authenticated device.

What’s more, we’re CTIA Cybersecurity Certified ! We submitted our monitor to the leading brand in security assessment for review and passed with flying colors.

Not only do you control who can access your feed, clearly see who is connected at any time with Who’s Online. Scroll through Connection History to view a 24-hour log of previous connections, so you know exactly who and when they took a peek at your littles.We ensure that only you and your authorised users can watch your little ones growing up.

App Services

Covered-Face & Rollover Detection
Sleep AnalyticsaTrue Cry Detection
Cough Detection
Sleep Sensor Pad AI Mode*
Built-In Lullabies
Auto Photo Capture
Danger Zone Detection
Nighttime Sleep Report
Daily Highlights
Daytime Sleep Report
Daily Sleep Summary
18-Hr Playback + Event Tags
View & Video Download
View & Video Download
Notification Events 7-Day Record
View & Video Download
View & Video Download
Sleep Analytics (Data Storage)
30 Days
Moments Wall (Data Storage)
30 Days
90 Days
Playlist by a Music Therapist
9 songs
28 songs
AI Lullaby Schedule
1 schedule
10 schedules
$6.49/mo or $64.99/yr after end of free year trial
$9.99/mo or $99.99/yr after end of 7-day free trial

1 year of FREE CuboAi Care Premium included in your CuboAi Set or Bundle purchase.

All purchases of CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor come with one year of CuboAi Care Premium Plan included, which begins when you pair your product to the CuboAi App for the first time. Do not pair your product until you are ready for the subscription period to begin. The subscription period will expire one year after pairing, after which you will no longer be subscribed to a CuboAi Care Plan and will only have access to basic camera functions.

You may manually renew your Premium Plan subscription or upgrade to Ultimate Plan at the then-current price (which may vary from the current price). Current prices can be found above. If a customer does not want to use the CuboAi Care Premium included with purchase, the customer can contact customer support to cancel the subscription. However, by canceling the included subscription, the customer is voiding the subscription and will need to pay the then-current price if customer chooses to re-activate. Please note that the “Free Trial” eligibility may vary based on the App Store/Google Play policy.

*Requires CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad
**Requires CuboAi Smart Temp

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