The Best Smart Baby Monitor for New Dads: Cubo AI Review

Tech Dad, Shyam, wanted a secure video baby monitor that would help keep an eye on his baby in real-time. Check out this first-time Dad’s review of Cubo AI!

We are first-time parents and my wife’s labor and delivery wasn’t really a smooth one with our son ending up in the NICU. When you go through that, you can get scared even if your child just has a boo-boo. And SIDS is no boo-boo! After our son was a month old, we were in the market for a smart baby monitor. Specifically, searching for a baby monitor that would give us real-time monitoring of our baby. 

A Secure Baby Monitor with Covered Face Detection 

Being a techie guy, I wasn’t searching for just a traditional baby monitor, but something more that would give us peace of mind! Luckily, I came across advertisements of Cubo on Facebook and I was quite intrigued by the features they were offering like AI Covered Face & Rollover Alerts, a cry detector, 1080p HD Night Vision, which no other baby monitor does as of today! 

Upon exploring more, I discovered that the Cubo AI Baby Monitor not only looks after your infant but also has the capability to monitor toddlers, which is a big plus! Another eye-catching feature was that Cubo offers AES-256 encryption and for a secure baby monitor that sold me!

Installing the Cubo AI Baby Monitor was a breeze!

Finally, we laid our hands on Cubo in the 3rd week of August and I can say, I was just amazed to see the way Cubo was packaged and delivered to us! NEAT is the word to describe the way the packaging. We downloaded the app and the unboxing/installation was a breeze. Our Cubo was up and running within 20 mins! 

Cubo AI’s Cry Detection Alerts and other features have saved us!

Ever since we started using our Cubo, we have been so relaxed in our lives! Our baby has started to roll over and Cubo’s cry detection and the rollover alerts have helped us so many times! We are now able to act whenever we get alerts and the Cubo AI Baby Monitor has prevented our baby from getting into any difficult situation. 

This baby monitor’s 1080p HD video and 18-hour playback are perfect for a working Dad

The 1080p HD night-vision video and the color video are super crisp. The 18 hours of playback in this video quality gives us the perspective of what transpired throughout the day and helps us analyze our son’s sleeping pattern. As first-time parents, the two-way talk feature helps us soothe our baby if he starts crying and we are not around (Yes! I spy! And I do that from my office). Sometimes our family steps in to keep an eye on our boy as Cubo has a family sharing option too! 

The Cubo AI Baby Monitor keeps this working dad connected to my little one. 

Another standout feature is the Moments Wall! The Moments Wall captures the very best snapshots we would have missed if we had purchased any other baby monitor! Cubo is what keeps me, a working dad, and our family connected to my little one even when we are miles away! It is what technology should do and I can say Cubo AI does exactly that. 

To sum it up this is the best baby monitor in the market, and I would recommend the Cubo AI baby monitor to anyone who is in the market to get one! It’s the only baby monitor that I would ever consider for our baby! ☺

Shyam A.

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