Babies saved by Cubo Ai
Every milestone brings new frontiers.
Cubo Ai works to be your eyes and ears every step of the way.
Face Covered Alerts for Every Type of Sleeper

We don’t wait until their breathing is affected.

Whether your baby sleeps perfectly swaddled or squirms and kicks in their sleep, Cubo Ai looks out for anything that could block their airways. As your baby starts gaining the strength to roll over, Cubo Ai is ready to grow with them.

Winston’s mom: I temporarily laid Winston on the bed when I was busy doing chores. Thanks to Cubo Ai’s Covered Face Detection, I was alerted that Winston’s face was covered by his blanket!

Martin’s mom: My baby recently started practicing rolling over...good thing Cubo Ai’s Covered Face and Rollover Detection can alert me to turn my baby over and save him from suffocation. I’m really thankful for our little Cubo Ai bird!

Danger Zone Alert for All Activity Level

Smart Detection for Baby’s First Steps

Cubo Ai parents let their explorers roam within their comfort zone.

While baby explores their environment, you set the limits. Draw a danger zone you want to be notified of and Cubo Ai keeps watch.

Zoey’s mom: Because my mother-in-law lives in a multi-story house and her room is further away from the baby’s room, Cubo Ai has become even more important. One day we were in the living room and heard the Danger Zone alert. We found out that Zoey was just about to crawl out of her crib....

Maya’s mom: The night before, I wanted to move Maya over to the big bed. Who knew anything dangerous would happen!

Auto-Photo Capture/ Video Playback

Cubo Ai parents are in the know

Automatically record and capture baby's unique movements for future memories safe-keeping. With Cubo Ai's 18 hr playback feature, parents can rewind baby's night and see adorable sleepy moments or potentially serious health concerns.

Lukas's Mom: I panicked watching my baby go unconscious, struggle to breath, and in complete exhaustion. It wasn’t until getting to the hospital that I watched over the video footage from my baby monitor only to discover this had been going on for over an hour...I can’t stress the importance of having this monitor enough and I’m forever grateful for.

Look at how many adorable moments Cubo Ai has captured on camera. Whether you’ve got an active baby who likes to flip, kick, or do summersaults; or a quiet baby who likes long naps and subtle play, Cubo Ai’s auto-photo capture has it all covered. All you need to do is rewind and watch your adorable baby’s day with our 18hr video playback feature.

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5,000+ Safe Families in 2021
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Cubo Ai’s Report Card
26,367,725+ hours guarding babies
74.3M Cry alerts
79.2M Sleep Safety alerts
21M Danger alerts
3,763,061+ pieces of memories saved
Auto-photo capture
Manual recordings
Manual snaps
3,440,793 sleep reports sent
HRs of sleep
Caregiver visits
HRs of lullabies played
107 countries
where parents have nested their Cubo Ai
Created by Parents, Approved by Experts
Dr. Kenneth Yeh
Even the most informed and concerned parents can’t be constantly monitoring their baby at night time to prevent them from rolling over or having their face covered, but smart technology like Cubo Ai can.
Dr. Stephanie Liu,
M.D. M.Sc
Despite knowing I was following medical recommendations, I wanted more reassurance… I like knowing I have a monitor with extra capabilities.
Chris Minogue,
Australia's foremost Mothercraft Nurse
This will definitely give you that peace of mind, you can set up multiple cameras!
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