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Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor | Referral Program Terms and Conditions


How does the referral program work?
If you can’t stop talking about your Cubo and want to recommend it to a friend, send them your unique referral code. When they purchase via that code, you’ll get rewarded! Discounts and rewards can be claimed in the following currencies USD/GBP/AUD/CAD.

How do I access my unique code and link?
Just head into your Cubo App’s Settings and tap into Refer Friends & Earn Rewards🎁 Then tap the button to share!

When will I get my reward?
Your reward will be valid to claim after the grace period (see below). Once the order has passed this period and your reward is valid, you will receive a notification via the Cubo Ai App to claim your reward! After we receive your claim request,  we will send your gift card within 10 business days.

How do I know if I’ve made a successful referral?
Once your friend makes a purchase with your unique referral code, the referral purchase will show up in the Referral Summary section under Refer Friends & Earn Rewards. If an order has been cancelled or refunded, the status will be reflected here as well. 

My friend purchased Cubo using my referral code but it didn’t show up in my referral summary 
Please reach out to our Customer Support team with your Cubo account email and your friend’s order ID so we can assist further. 

I have more questions about the referral program
If you have specific questions about the referral program, please get in touch with our Customer Support team via the in-app chat or via Messenger at m.me/GetCubo.

Referral Program Terms & Conditions

  1. Referral discount redeemable only on www.getcubo.com

  2. Successful referral is defined by the purchase of a Cubo AI made via your unique link if the order made is not canceled or refunded within the 45-day return period.

  3. For the verification of a referral-purchase to pass the 45-day return period, a grace period of 55 days (UK) and 50 days (US/CA/AU) applies from time of referred purchase until that of approved rewards.

  4. Referral rewards will be issued via a gift card according to your selected region. 

  5. Your referral summary can be found by going to your Cubo Ai App Settings and clicking on [Refer Friends & Earn Rewards 🎁]. After the reward becomes valid for redemption, your reward will be available to claim.

  6. All rewards claimed will be processed at the end of each month and issued within 5 to 10 business days.

  7. Referral discount cannot be used in conjunction with the Multi-Cubo discount. Successful referrals are based on number of orders successfully recommended. If your friend would like to purchase two or more Cubos, please have them purchase separately, one unit per order.